Still of a man fishing with a net on a river, from the film Red Run. Photo of a young girl smiling(circa 1930). The photo was used in the video Nation to Nation. Still of a Ukrainian church at dawn, from a music video for Everett Laroi.

Telling stories that build trust.

Guided by the code of candid communication and mutual respect, Director General creates films that light up larger social issues by telling the stories of everyday people.

When filming a teenager affected with fetal alcohol spectrum disorder, a group of diabetics or an Aboriginal dipping a net into the Fraser River, Director General reveals the common and essential humanity of people, without diminishing or romanticizing their distinctive differences.

Documentary or drama, our films counter rigid viewpoints by accurately observing and representing subjects. In addition, Director General’s knowledge and cultural sensitivity allow our film subjects to be comfortable, honest and real.

And that builds trust with the most important people, your audience.

“…dedicated to telling the stories of everyday people.”